Ch. 11 primera funcion -Imperfect Subjunctive

the patriots played really patriots ganaran the well

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Unformatted text preview: anaran el partido. ( The Patriots played really Patriots ganaran The well that day and I wanted them to win that particular game). wanted particular game). 3. The verb in the second sentence (subordinate clause) is usually in The in the is in the Imperfect Subjunctive. the Dudaba que Madonna cantara con Blake Shelton. Blake However, the verb in the second sentence can also be in the Imperfect However the in the can also be the or Pret. but ONLY IF the verb in the main sentence DOES NOT require Pret. but ONLY the in the DOES require the use of Subjunctive. Example: use of Example Madonna cantó al SuperBowl 2012. Madonna al SuperBowl 2012. Era verdad que Madonna cantó al SuperBowl 2012. Era al SuperBowl 2012. pero: pero: Era bueno que Madonna cantara al SuperBowl cantara al SuperBowl...
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