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Ch. 11 primera funcion -Imperfect Subjunctive

The verb in the first main sentence the sentence

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Unformatted text preview: 2012 2. The verb in the first (main) sentence ( the sentence BEFORE ‘que’) The in the sentence the BEFORE can be either in the Pret. or Imperfect, NOT in the Imperfect either in the Pret. or NOT the Subjunctive ( context determines if the verb in the main sentence is in the Pret. or context determines if in the in the Pret. or Imperfect – think about the situations when to use the Imp. Vs. The use the Imp. The Pret.) Quería que los Patriots ganaran el partido. ( I was a Patriots fan for a Quer que Patriots ganaran was Patriots fan for long time) long Quise que los Patriots g...
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