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19 outline introducon heritability and iq controversy

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Unformatted text preview: more precise informa7on when used together. Comparisons between maps can provide us with useful data (e.g. recombina7on rates). 16 8 2/23/12 A physical map for Drosophila Physical maps of the genome, today, are largely created by whole genome sequencing. 17 Comparing the Gene7c and Physical Maps Human chromosome 19 Slope = recombina7on rate Recombina7on rate can vary between the sexes: females tend to have higher rate. Recombina7on rate varies along chromosomes: high at chromosomes ends and low in the middle. Recombina7on rate varies between chromosomes: human chr 21 and 22 are high, chr 2 and 4 are low. Recombina7on rate varies among species: 2x more in humans than mice. Rates of recombina7on vary among species, chromosomes, chromosome region and even between males and females of the same species. 18 9 2/23/12 From traits controlled by single genes to “complex” traits controlled by...
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