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15 mu a 5 mu b 10 mu c the physical distance

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Unformatted text preview: measured in map units or “m.u.”. One map unit = 1% recombina7on frequency. Map units are also called Cen7Morgans (cM); 100 cen7Morgans = 1 Morgan. 15 m.u. A 5 m.u. B 10 m.u. C The physical distance between genes is related to the rate of recombina7on between them. By doing crosses between pairs of genes, we can order genes along chromosomes. 3 Gene Mapping with recombina7on frequencies Caveats We cannot dis/nguish genes on 2 different chromosomes from 2 genes far apart on 1 chromosome. If genes exhibit >50% recombina7on frequency, the we consider them to belong to different linkage groups. For two genes far apart on the same chromosome, we tend to underes/mate distance. Double crossovers can occur between 2 chroma7ds, counterac7ng each other by restoring the parental combina7on of alleles. 4 2 2/23/12 Let’s build a gene7c map: two ­po...
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