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Unformatted text preview: three measurable components. 34 17 2/23/12 Gene by Environment Interac7on (G x E) Environmental effects can take a variety of forms G x E interac7on is the phenotypic effect of the interac7on between genes and environment. 35 Components of gene7c variance The gene7c variance (VG) can be subdivided into: addi7ve gene7c variance (VA) dominance gene7c variance (VD) gene7c interac7on variance (VI) Addi/ve gene/c variance comprises the addi7ve effects of genes on the phenotype, which can be summed to determine the overall effect. Dominance gene/c variance is when the effect of an allele depends on the iden7ty of the other allele (accounts for how alleles interact). Interac/on gene/c variance deals with the interac7on between addi7ve and dominance effects. VP = VG + VE + VGE VP = (VA + VD + VI) + VE + VGE This equa7on provides us with a model that describes the poten7al differenc...
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