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27 the rela7onship between genotype and phenotype the

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Unformatted text preview: measures for IQ within popula7ons are very high. 23 Nature vs. Nurture Environmental effects on IQ within and between groups. Environment can explain varia7on between groups even when heritability within a group is 100% Buraku, a Japanese social minority, has a lower average IQ (by 15 points), in Japan. But when Buraka moved to the US (and are indis7nguishable from other Japanese Americans, their IQ increases. Flynn Effect: IQ has been rising about 3 points every 10 years worldwide. Since World War II, IQ in many countries has gone up 15 points. Even if heritability for IQ is very high within groups, environmental effects can have profound effects both within a between groups. 24 12 2/23/12 Today •  Understanding the rela7ve contribu7ons of genes and environment to varia7on in traits •  Iden7fying the genes contribu7ng to polygenic or “complex” traits 25 “Complex” traits Why do some traits vary con7nuously? Quan7ta7ve traits are influenced by: (1)  alleles at many loci (i.e., polygenic) and/or (2) the environmental effects. “Complex” because it is impossible to a...
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