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36 18 22312 dierent types of gene7c variance additive

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Unformatted text preview: uring phenotypic variance Heritability is he propor7on of total phenotypic varia7on that is due to gene7c differences. Mean (x) = average measure, which provides informa7on about the center of the distribu7on Variance (s2) = indicates the variability of a group of measurements, or how spread out the distribu7on is. The greater the variance the wider the spread in the distribu7on The phenotypic variance (VP) can be measure in a popula7on and then par77oned into components: gene7c and environmental. 33 Components of phenotypic variance Some of the phenotypic variance (VP) is auributable to: gene7c variance (VG) environmental variance (VE) gene7c ­environment interac7on variance (VGE) VP = VG + VE + VGE Interac/on variance arises when the effect of a genotype depends on the specific environment in which it is found. The phenotypic variance (Vp) can be appor7oned into...
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