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7 and 08 in adults in the united states a 1994 review

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Unformatted text preview: many genes and influenced by the environment….. 19 Outline Introduc/on: Heritability and IQ controversy Complex traits •  Polygenic traits •  Different types: con7nuous, meris7c, threshold •  Gene by Environment interac7ons: GxE •  Heritability •  broad ­sense heritability •  narrow ­sense heritability •  Response to selec7on •  Predic7ng the response to selec7on •  Es7ma7ng heritability from response to selec7on 20 10 2/23/12 Why are you smart? 21 Why are you smarter than the student you are siong next to? Are differences in IQ between people due to gene7c and/or environmental differences? IQ = intelligence quo7ent measured by a standardized test Mean = 100 and SD +/ ­ 15 Standard devia7on Studied for over a century, and s7ll controversial. Covariance between rela7ves may be due not only to genes, but also to shared environments. Nature vs. Nurture: The rela7ve contribu7ons of gene7c versus environme...
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