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Flynn eect iq has been rising about 3 points every 10

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Unformatted text preview: ntal effects to varia7on in IQ remains controversial 22 11 2/23/12 Nature vs. Nurture Gene7c effects influence IQ Various studies have found the heritability of IQ to be between 0.7 and 0.8 in adults in the United States. A 1994 review in Behavior Gene7cs based on iden7cal/fraternal twin studies found that heritability is as high as 0.80, and adop7on studies show that by adulthood adop7ve siblings aren't more similar in IQ than strangers. Plomin study: annual gathering in Iowa of super ­bright school children (average IQ = 160) compared gene7c markers with “normal” kids, and found an associa7on with a marker on chromosome 6. A 2009 review ar7cle iden7fied over 50 gene7c polymorphisms that have been reported to be associated with cogni7ve ability in various studies Gene play a role in varia7on in IQ with popula7ons. On average, heritability...
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