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U 10 mu b c 20 mu gene7c maps can be constructed

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Unformatted text preview: int testcross Gene pair Recomb freq. a and b a and c a and d 50% 50% 50% b and c b and d c and d 20% 10% 28% Underes7mate may occur due to double cross overs. Linkage group 1 a Linkage group 2 d 28 m.u. 10 m.u. b c 20 m.u. Gene7c maps can be constructed by conduc7ng a series of two ­allele testcrosses. 5 Let’s build a gene7c map: three ­point testcross We can establish the order of 3 genes in a single set of progeny. Three types of crossover events. For each crossover, 2 resul7ng chromosomes are recombinants and 2 are non ­recombinants. Recombinant individuals resul7ng from a double crossover have only the middle gene altered. Three types of crossovers can take place among three linked loci. Note: Only the middle allele is affected by a double crossover. 6 3 2/23/12 Step 1: Determine the order of the 3 genes. (1)  Iden7fy the nonrecombina...
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