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ergo training program lab

ergo training program lab - Omar Damluji Mike Hoxter Human...

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Omar Damluji Mike Hoxter Human Factors Lab Human Factors Lab: Ergonomics Training Program 1. An ergonomics program is a program (may be training or documentation) with the purpose of decreasing accidents, injuries, illnesses, and health care costs over time, along with increasing productivity, quality, and morale. 2. The primary problem it attempts to address is the root cause(s) of worker injury and illness, which are an indirect costs to the companies, and in working compensation claims could be enormous costs. 3. To formulate an ergonomics program one must first identify the problem to be solved by said program. This problem could be anything that costs the company money by way of negatively affecting workers, and by identifying the problem one can formulate a solution more quickly. 4. For ergonomics training programs to be effective the principles of the program must be adopted by all members of the company, from management to the lonely janitor. With
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