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Omar Damluji 2/18/08 Human Factors Potential Topics for Research Project Determine best seating and viewing position for playing video games (XBOX 360) for extended period of time: -develop alternatives of viewing angles, seating positions, and other ergonomic factors -test these alternatives on a select population of test subjects -have them play for 2 hour period with no break -give questionnaire asking them: how does your back feel, vision, and hands (rating each
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Unformatted text preview: from 1 to 10)-after gaming period has ended give survey/questionnaire regarding physical conditions-give them same questionnaire that answered previous to playing-from this and talking to the user about there experience we can see what specific problems occur from each alternative playing position-this will determine the optimal playing position and ideally help lessen future problems with result to gaming for extended periods of time...
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