Sociology Study Guide #3

Sociology Study Guide #3 - • Chapter 9 - Global...

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Unformatted text preview: • Chapter 9 - Global Inequality • blurring of boundaries between cultures - worldwide integration of government policies, cultures, social markets, financial markets - generally occurs through trade and exchange of ideas - • Globalization - • Global Stratification - • inequality among nations - fosters poverty • World Systems Analysis - (functionalist and conflict) - unequal economic and political relationship maintain sharp divisions between nations • Dependancy Theory - (conflict) - industrialized nations exploit developing countries through colonialism and multinational corporations • Modernization Theory - (functionalist) - developing countries are moving away from traditional cultures and towards the cultures of industrialized nations • Consequences of Global Stratification - • Plus - • exposure to diverse culture • helps economy of core nations • good for business • medical care • technology • empower periphery nations to "improve their lives" • Negative - • loss of culture • loss of U.S domination • loss of individualism • increases power of core nations • increase poverty - periphery nations • environmental degradation • Dependancy Theory - • core nations exploit periphery nations for power and commercial gain which perpetuates poverty and dependency on the core nation - even as developing countries make economic advances they remain weak and subservient to core nations and corporations in an increasing intertwined global economy. This interdependency allowed industrialized nations to continue to exploit developing countries for their own gain. - • cycle lead by huge debt - foreign aid, loans, and trade deficits • Conflict Theory on a global scale • World Systems Analysis - version of the Dependency Theory - unequal economic and political relationships in which certain industrialized nations and their global corporations...
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Sociology Study Guide #3 - • Chapter 9 - Global...

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