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Adam Schulman AJS252; 001787462 Holding Fast 2/24/2006 Problem : Crescordia is a company that has established a strong hold in the market for medical hardware, including artificial hips, scalpels, and screws. Their lofty reputation has been developed partly through top tier products. However, the company’s primary reason for having a great reputation is their resistance to staking their name on a new product until it meets their elevated standards. This business model has proved successful so far, although an industry push for resorbable plates and other hardware has placed pressure upon Crescordia to partake in the new market. The problem is, their resorbable plates are just not quite ready for the field, and unlike other companies they are not fully comfortable with putting a mediocre product on the market with their name on it. Possible Solutions : 1. Crescordia could decide to launch a new product line of resorbables as soon as possible, based on the research that they have conducted in the lab up to this point. It is true that all that can be done has been done in the laboratory and human subjects are just the next step in testing the reliability of the products. Unfortunately, this form of product testing could take many months to years to yield valid results, not to mention the fact that placing such
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