o the basis of a papers economic support from rich

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Unformatted text preview: nny Press changed . . . o The basis of a paper’s economic support: from rich subscribers to advertising aimed at a diverse audience o The pattern of distribution: from mail subscriptions to direct street sales o The way news was collected: o the advent of professional reporting o What news content should be: o from the concerns of the elite class to the affairs of the middle o class. class. o News becomes a commodity, and the fresher the better The ethnic press, which is made up of newspaper aimed at particular cultural groups, such as African Americans, Hispanics or Native Americans, has played an important role in U. S. African history. history. Freedom’s Journal, the first African-American newspaper, was established in 1827. established • More Technological Advances o The “Camera Obscura” was used as an entertainment device in the 1700s-box o 1806 – Joseph Niepce began trying to capture the images in a camera obscura. o 1816 – Niepce developed the first negative 1816 1827 – the first photograph (accidental discovery) o 1820s - Louis Daguerre – something of a ‘showman’ had a ‘diorama’ involving 1820s painted scenes, light effec...
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