painted the show lasted 15 minutes or so the late

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Unformatted text preview: ts and ‘motion’ of images (change day to night, etc.). painted The ‘show’ lasted 15 minutes or so. The Late 1820s Late o o o o Joseph Niepce and Louis Daguerre began working together actually invented a photographic process. actually Continued to refine the process Continued Main problem was decreasing the exposure time Main • One thing leads to another… Then Niepce died (1833) and Daguerre carried on, and is given most of the credit. However, Then most of the work was done by Niepce, and Daguerre continued to use his notes and discoveries. most o Called the photographs ‘Daguerrotypes” o Daguerre began to train photographers, one of whom was Samuel Morse, who came to Paris to learn photography to use it as a method of earning money to came support his work on the telegraph. o Photography advanced rapidly throughout the century. Photography o Early photos were expensive, so were mainly portraits of the wealthy and influential. influential. • First photograph was Morse’s own family and 1840 Yale class The telegraph? o Tele = distance o Graph = writing Earliest form of distance communication Smoke signals – Ancient China, Native Americans, Ancient Greeks Drums – aural, not visual • Africa, New...
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