Journalistic objectivity began when competing

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Unformatted text preview: nwide association in which hundreds of papers shared their local news and correspondents. Journalistic objectivity began when competing newspapers with divergent viewpoints shared one correspondent. viewpoints The Inverted pyramid style of news writing was a response to telegraph’s The style unreliability unreliability In the inverted pyramid style of news writing the most important facts (who, what, when, where and how) are squeezed into the first paragraphs (who, of the story. of The development of the telegraph led to news reports being made available to multiple papers. Eventually resulted in the establishment of the Associated Press in 1848, which in turn led a more objective brand of news. Changes in the Concept of News Changes The partisan press continued into the 1800s but editors of major, credible papers began to standardize their definition of news. papers The editorial page became the place for opinion pieces. The front page was for hard news which was made up of stories about current events that had impact on people’s lives. Feature news, also known as soft news, was d...
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