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S population doubled between 1870 1900 but newspaper

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Unformatted text preview: irected more toward human interest and curiosity. • Newspapers Become Big Business o U.S. population doubled between 1870-1900, but newspaper circulation increases by five times during that period. by News Photography - Photojournalism • • The Civil War brought major changes o War Reporting o War Photography/Illustrations o Less expensive means of photography • After the war… o Photography was more common, cheaper So more people could be photographed Photography as documentation and art both emerged o The media (newspapers, books, etc.) were very interested in visual material The Atlantic Cable o Cyrus Field – 1866 o Stretched a telegraph cable from North America to Europe o Instant connection to events in Europe • Yellow Journalism o o o o For about 50 years after the civil war An emphasis on visual, exciting material Overemphasis on crime, murder, scandal Newspapers began to look more like today’s papers The Post Civil War Newspaper Giants o Joseph Pulitzer, St. Louis Post Dispatch, the New York World Joseph St. the New o Aims paper at diverse NYC audience, particularly immigrants o Stresses simple writing and generous use of pictures o Emphasizes accuracy and introduces investigative reporting o Increases ad space and ad rates based on circulation o Re-introduces penny press sensationalism into stories o Endorses idea papers should be advocates for publ...
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