The first tabloid was the new york daily news which

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Unformatted text preview: t Journal, and The Christian Science Monitor helped Times, cool down the yellow journalism period. The first tabloid was the New York Daily News which combined the sensationalism of the yellow press with the abundant use of pictures and a sensationalism smaller, easier to handle, page. smaller, The American Society of Newspaper Editors was formed in 1923. By 1922, William Randolph Hearst owned twenty daily papers, two wire services, the largest newspaper feature syndicate, a newsreel company, services, and a motion picture company. Today 80 percent of daily newspapers are chain owned. The Telephone o Along with the telegraph, telephones changed our perspective of time and space 1875 Bell files first patent for improved telegraphy 1876 Bell and Watson transmit the first complete sentence Telegraph leads to the Telephone o Early Technical Development Late 1870s – Late Eadweard Muybridge - Another Artist o Known primarily for his landscape photography and paintings, he experimented with motion photography. with o Supported by Leland Stanford, he worked on techniques for capturing motion. • Motion Studies of Muybridge o o o o First used as an aid to artists interested in drawing motion. Eventually, Muybridge developed a method of projecting the images. Eventually, projecting Often considered the first motion picture. Went to Orange, N.J. in 1880s and gave a public performance....
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