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W scripps cleveland cincinnati working class papers o

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Unformatted text preview: ic good o Self-promotes paper with inflated circulation figures Post Civil War Newspaper Giants o E.W. Scripps, Cleveland, Cincinnati working-class papers o Promotes concisely edited news, mostly for blue collar workers o Highlights human interest stories o Practices editorial independence o Runs frequent crusades for the working class o Pioneers concept of chain newspapers (controls 13 at peak) Wm. Randolph Hearst, San Francisco Examiner and the New York Journal. Also real-life basis Wm. San New for film Citizen Kane. Citizen o Relied on sensationalized news dealing with death, dishonor, and disaster (yellow journalism) to boost circulation journalism o Promoted stories that appeal directly to reader emotion Their Collective Legacy o Professional writing o Aggressive reporting o Investigative journalism o Banner headlines, pictures, and color printing o Injected energy into American journalism Newspapers in the 19th Century Newspapers o The Making of the Modern Press At the end of the 19th century responsible reporting by The New York Times, The Wall Stree...
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