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Among europeans and colonialus forces forces many

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Unformatted text preview: Guinea, parts of South America o Simulated language • Also as battle commands, etc. among Europeans and colonial/U.S. forces forces Many different types of telegraphs in the 18th and 19th centuries o Conveyed information by visual signals o semaphore telegraph o optical telegraph o flag semaphores; flag signals Morse’s first telegraph message, Morse’s 24 May 1844, used electricity to deliver messages used o Supreme Court in Wash. D.C. to Baltimore o Invention of the telegraph speeds communication from 30 mph (horseback) to 186,000 miles per second 186,000 o First to make instantaneous, point-to-point, long-distance communication possible o Morse Code uses system of dots and dashes Telegraph: the Cultural Impact o By 1850 most large U.S. cities linked together o Standardized, stabilized, and linked market prices, changing how we buy and sell goods goods o Became an indispensable military tool o Allows up-to-date news from distant sources Impacts of the telegraph The Associated Press was formed in 1848 when six New York newspapers agreed to share one correspondent in Boston. The AP eventually became a natio...
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