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Justify o he saw a growing number of middle class who

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Unformatted text preview: w audience. justify o He saw a growing number of middle class who could read, but couldn't really afford 5 or 6 cents per day for a newspaper (average wage was about $1.00 afford /week). Day’s contribution Day’s o He shifted the cost of production and distribution from the consumer (reader) to the advertiser the o He found that he needed to shift the content from ideas about politics, economics, etc. to stories about crime, etc. to interest the middle class. etc. • Other contributions of Day o Sold newspapers on the street o Introduced paper boys as sales force o Within 3 years, circulation was at 30,000 per day; within a few years after that, 52,000 per day. 52,000 Imitation and Competition o New York Herald (James Gordon Bennett) o Imitated Day, but also added many features that we see in newspapers today: financial page, editorial comment, serious local, foreign and national news. financial • Significant Contributors o Horace Greeley, 1841, starts the New York Tribune Horace Writing appeals to reader intellect rather than emotion News and editorials center on crusades and causes o Henry Raymond, 1851, starts the New York Times Henry New Introduces objective and reasoned journalism • The Pe...
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