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augustine short essay

augustine short essay - Carl Crittenden Peer Editor Mark...

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Carl Crittenden Peer Editor: Mark Rodgers Date of 1 st Draft: November 12 th , 2007 Date of Final Draft: November 19 th , 2007 Philosophy MWF 11:00am Short essay on The Essential Augustine In The Essential Augustine , Augustine writes about how all men desire happiness. He is quoted as saying “All men love happiness, and therefore men are unreasonable in wanting to be wicked without being unhappy. (p151)” In the end, his reasoning is that “all men do whatever they do, good or bad; they invariably, you see, want to be happy. (p151)” With Augustine views said, I agree that whatever men do is for happiness even if the action is wicked, and I will argue as to why he is correct. Augustine gives an example of a man stealing. He steals food because he is hungry and needs the food, which leads him to being happy (p151). I find his logic to be true in that a man who steals needs to steal to be happy. He is stealing because he needs to, either for goods to survive or luxuries. However, I feel like no matter what, he will
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