She talks to Angels

She talks to Angels - Carl Crittenden March 2, 2007 History...

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Carl Crittenden March 2, 2007 History MWF 2 PM She Talks to Angels Art and theology are correlated strongly, with one of the principal icons in Christianity being the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. The artistic depiction of the adoration of the Virgin and Child changed as humanism developed in Europe during the evolution of the Renaissance. In the early Renaissance era, the Virgin and Child icon adhered closely to the symbolic nature of Byzantine art form (France, 1210-25, #59.701). As the Renaissance unfolded, this Byzantine art form gave way to more diverse aspects of humanism as depicted in the Virgin and Child on the Crescent Moon where the mother is presented as affectionate and the child as “quizzical” (Austria, 1440-50, #65.1354). The capturing of the whole person in religious art, instead of just the religious person, was representative of those who believed that one could still be a Christian while enjoying secular life. The visual differences in the two statues are obvious. The Virgin and Child is somewhat rigid, with its Byzantine form reflected in the elongated style (France, 1210- 25, #59.701). Both mother and child are sitting stiffly on a throne. The statue is created in only two colors, gold and silver. This two-tone presentation supports the rigidity of the statue. Even the attire is very strict, with the mother and child both wearing clothing that covers almost every part of their bodies. The mother’s crown is consistent with this simplistic picture since it is small with no decoration. The Virgin and Child on the Crescent Moon has a very natural feel, representative of Renaissance art (Austria, 1440- 50, #65.1354). The Virgin is swaying slightly, which might be from holding the weight 1
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of a small child, and the viewer might even imagine a mother moving from side-to-side to console or entertain her child. The mother’s robe is very colorful and festive, and the crown is very large and ornamental. On this sculpture, the mother wears a low-cut dress and the baby is naked. From a purely mother and child relationship, the visual
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She talks to Angels - Carl Crittenden March 2, 2007 History...

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