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If the function is not continuous we cannot take a

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Unformatted text preview: exist. If the function is not continuous we cannot take a derivative, e.g. or . Production Function Example Consider the production function from above: What is the marginal product of capital and labour? When K = 16 and L = 4, these marginal products are: Practice Find all the partial derivatives for the following functions. 1.) Note that a is a parameter. We do not take the partial derivative ! 2.) 3.) 4.) Again, notice that a, b, c, and T are all parameters which we do not take partial derivatives of. 5.) Notice that T has now been specified as a variable. Now we can take a partial derivative. 6.) The chain rule is used multiple times in the above. References Brief Calculus – An Applied Approach, Ron Larson, 8th Edition....
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