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my x's y - have very few memories of my grandpa The only...

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Carl Crittenden FWS MWF 11 January 29, 2007 My Grandfather’s Name Carl means “free man.” The famous poet Sanburg and the famous publicist Bernstein bared Carl as their first name. 1 My grandfather also signed his signature as Carl and finally my parents implanted it on me. Ambrose, his middle name, comes from the infamous Saint who descends from an ancient Roman family. 2 Crittenden originated from Great Britain. Carl Ambrose Crittenden, what they called my grandfather, and now me. I want to think it is only a name, but it is not. Although he lived until I was twelve, I never really knew my grandfather. He settled down in Michigan and I lived in Massachusetts. He joined the navy during World War II and set sail on the USS Sloat. He owned a grocery store when he had my dad and my dad grew up living above a grocery store. He smoked, which supplied him with lung cancer. I know stories about my grandfather from the knowledge of my own dad, but I
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Unformatted text preview: have very few memories of my grandpa. The only real memory I have was the magic tricks he used to show me, where he would hide a coin in his fist, blow on it, and the coin would appear in my pocket. Unfortunately, I do not know anything else about this man. For all nineteen years of my life I have been cursed with the Roman Numeral II at the conclusion of my signature. My relatives assume I am the second coming of my grandfather, but I am not. They all loved him and want me to act like just as he did, but how can I? I am not him and I barely knew the man. My aunts and uncles just want him 1 “Think Baby Names.” Thinkbabynames.com. 2004-2007 <http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Carl> 2 Loughlin, James F. “Saint Ambrose.” Kevin Knight. 2006 <http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01383c.htm> to be here still alive but he is dead, and the only thing that lives on is his name, which I hold....
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