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the apology - And he would rather die then go to prison...

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What are the charges against Socrates? Contradicting the beliefs of the gods and corrupting youth. How does Socrates interpret the oracle’s prophecy about him? He thinks the oracle is foolish to believe that he is the wisest man. He tests other men. He finds out that they no nothing. He concludes he is the wisest man because at least he can admit he knows nothing. What two deeds in his brief public life does Socrates point to as evidence that he is willing to risk death to stand up against injustice? He would rather die than stop being a philosopher.
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Unformatted text preview: And he would rather die then go to prison because he will go down as a great man. Why wont Socrates agree to stop questioning people in exchange for being freed and allowed to live? He says he would rather obey the god than you (meaning the people of Athens). And also that the unexamined life is not worth living. What does Socrates mean at the end when he says that “a good man cannot be harmed”? He means that if a good man goes through pain or is killed, it only speeds up the process of going to heaven so he isn’t actually harmed....
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