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An Introduction to Sociology I. Sociology can be threatening to the “newcomer” a. Studying sociology is a part of gaining new knowledge b. Sociology is questioning and critical c. Sociology is often cold (very impersonal don’t talk about warm fuzzy things just through you the facts) d. Sociology is often demeaning e. Sociology is hard and slow (difficult long process hard to “see” can’t see sexism, ageism, racism) it’s not tangible “what is…” f. It studies issues that people feel strongly about. Have to un teach things that have been embraced in our society and family (other religions beyond the Sunday school days to challenge our faith not hurt or ruin) II. What sociology is NOT a. It is NOT social work b. It is NOT socialism c. It is NOT “working with people” III. Key concepts in understanding the basic assumption within Sociology a. Sociology’s basic assumption…
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Unformatted text preview: …”Much of what we do and are can be explained by reference to things outside of and beyond the individual.” b. Emergent: Pertaining to a quality or condition emerging as a consequence of organization and unpredictable from the knowledge of its components c. Rejects psychological explanations for social behavior—psychologistic IV. Definition of Sociology a. Sociology is the study of human groups and their influence on individual behavior b. Sociology is the study of social order and social change c. Sociology is the search for social causation V. Sociology and common sense a. Some people claim that Sociology is “merely an elaboration of the obvious” b. People often fail to distinguish between things they have a general awareness of and things they know and understand precisely c. There is the fact that common sense is frequently wrong...
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