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Carl Crittenden February 25, 2007 Intro. To Ethics Midterm Drug Money Jeffry Chapman’s first semester at Lexington High School turned out to be nothing he expected. He knew of Lexington’s infamous drug dealers and potheads, but he vowed to never become one himself, and he never did. He went on to star in football and lacrosse, while never letting a drug, determined to be harmful to his health, touch his lips. Unfortunately for Jeff, the athletic teams included some of the worst druggies in the school. He also attended classes with many of them. During the first month of school, he befriended one of the offensive linemen, named Jim O’Haley. Eventually, he learned that this student athlete was involved in smoking marijuana and sometimes dealing it. However, the lineman was still a nice guy and respected Jeff’s decision not to smoke. They became very good friends who would play video games, watch television, and go to parties together, but when drugs turned up Jeff would leave with no questions asked by his friend. They stayed friends until after the football season when Jim never stopped being high. They did not dislike each other; Jeff just did not want to be involved with smoking. A couple weeks after the football season, Jim snuck up on Jeff walking in the
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midterm - Carl Crittenden Intro To Ethics Midterm Drug...

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