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Carl Crittenden Professor Sannella Introduction to Ethics May 2, 2007 Intro. To Ethics Term Paper 37 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police This article describes a true story of how a woman got murdered. A man followed the woman from a parking lot and stabbed her. She shouted out and people looked out of their windows. The assailant ran away, but no one helped the woman. The Murderer return two more times until finally the woman died. Each time, witnesses were present but no one did anything. When someone finally called the police, the witnesses began to emerge from their apartments. They all had lame excuses to why they did not call the police. None of them were good enough to explain why they watched a fellow human get slaughtered. Martin Gansberg not only wrote this article as a news column for the “New York Times”, but also to educate the readers of the paper. He wanted the audience to understand that there was no reason for this murder to occur. Gansberg brings up points about how shocked he is at these unfortunate events. He is not very shocked at the murder but the mere fact the no one called the police. He also brings up the point about the witnesses being afraid to call, however they did not have legitimate reasons as to why they were afraid. All anyone had to do was call the police, but instead everyone just went about their own business.
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I completely agree with Gansberg. The fact that no one called the police is much
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term paper - Carl Crittenden Professor Sannella...

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