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response to a reading - Carl Crittenden FWS MWF 11 Response...

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Carl Crittenden March 11, 2007 FWS MWF 11 Response to a reading (a chapter added to the ending of the novel Paranoia by Joseph Finder) How could I just walk away from a job offering at Trion Systems? Well, for obvious reasons, they had made my life a living hell for nearly a year. After a prank I committed went wrong at my initial job with Telecom, I became forced by Nick Wyatt to spy on a rival company, or I would be thrown into prison. Jock Goddard, the CEO of the other business, knew all along that Nick Wyatt forced me to spy on his business. Before Jock told me the truth, he ended up growing on me and I became loyal only to him. In turn, Wyatt fed so much money into this “undercover operation” that his company, Wyatt Telecom, went bankrupt which allowed Trion to buy this dwindling business. Jock tricked everyone, and now he owned both companies. At least now I did not owe thousands of dollars to Wyatt for the prank. Still, I wanted my revenge on Jock and he mistakenly handed me the information I needed to bring him down. For months I had listened to Jock and his make believe stories. He told me how I had been like a son to him, after the death of his own boy in a car accident. We became great friends. He invited me to go golfing and fishing.
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response to a reading - Carl Crittenden FWS MWF 11 Response...

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