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try one - Carl Crittenden February 25, 2007 FWS MWF 11...

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Carl Crittenden February 25, 2007 FWS MWF 11 Teammates In the brisk, spring air the lacrosse season began, and it had the potential to be a much better spring than in the past. I became a starter, along with nine other seniors who all had our standards set extremely high. With my position set at attack, I had the opportunity to become a scoring threat and be one of the leaders in points for the team. In my mind, this season would be all about me. I strode onto the field for our first competition. Emotions were sky rocketing for this game, the first one of the season where we encountered a school we had lacked any wins against in almost a decade. However, right before the referee blew his whistle, I glanced over at the players waiting to be substituted in. Standing on the sidelines, a few sophomores and juniors clanged to the end of the bench just as I had done in the past. These young student athletes would probably not hear their name howled from the coach’s mouth all game. Although some day they could become superb lacrosse players, this year their selection to the varsity level had been merely to fill up a roster spot. I remember the emotional sickness when I waited in the cold wind only a year ago, exactly where they stood on this day. The butterflies sprawling around in their stomachs, wanting their name to be called so they could play but at the same time not wanting to hear it yelled because of the embarrassment of screwing up. They also felt a
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try one - Carl Crittenden February 25, 2007 FWS MWF 11...

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