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Crtittenden 1 Carl Crittenden April 23, 2007 FWS MW11 Mountain Trails Once the snow begins to fall, I head to my snowboard spot known as Nashoba Valley. Nashoba is a calm little area. It is made up of a hill where people have been skiing and snowboarding for ages. Six years ago, the owners of Nashoba decided to hire which hosts skiing and snowboarding in the winter and summer camps in the summer. For the past seven years, it has hosted Witch’s Woods, a Halloween screampark and haunted hayride, during October. I always visit the valley to go snowboarding. It is too small to be a mountain, but it is big enough to ski and snowboard down long trails. It has four chairlifts and fourteen trails. The snow is always packed in around two feet deep. The employees at Nashoba constantly groom the snow, which adds a feeling of fresh snowfall even if it has not snowed for weeks. All the snow covered ground makes the atmosphere feel like Christmas, even if Christmas past weeks before. We begin unloading the car as soon as my mom finds a parking spot in the icy lot. The temperature always feels ten degrees cooler at Nashoba than the temperature in Lexington. Maybe the height above sea level causes the colder temperature or maybe the excitement of getting ready to race down the hill gives me the chills. Either way, I do not mind the cold, especially when I intend to snowboard. When we finally finish unpacking the snowboards, we walk over to the ticket booth to purchase passes for the day. Every time we come to Nashoba we have to wait in a short line to buy lift tickets. Once we take care of the tickets, my mom heads for the lodge, while the rest of us can finally strap into our boards and carve down the trails.
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Crtittenden 2 I buckle my snowboard to my left foot. By strapping my left boot into the snowboard, I can use my right leg to pump myself while I am at the bottom of the slopes. The base of Nashoba is very flat, unlike the hill itself, which is much steeper.
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paper4 - Crtittenden 1 Carl Crittenden FWS MW11 Mountain...

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