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Carl Crittenden March 21, 2007 FWS MW 11 Response to cartoon: The comic entitled “Gee, I had no idea you were married to a supermodel” depicts the social issue of a females weight. The woman in the cartoon is represented as a stick figure while the men are a normal sketched body. The media categorizes supermodels as tall, long hair, and skinny, which is exactly how the cartoonist tried to show this girl as a stick figure. The cartoonist adds humor by making the female drawn simply. He also includes a quote used very sarcastically. The friend knows the other man is not married to a model, but he uses the quote to describe how skinny she is. The friend is merely trying to tell the man that his wife is too skinny.
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Unformatted text preview: Society convinces the majority of citizens that women have to be extremely fit, which leads to issues of women trying too hard to keep the weight off their bodies. The issue of weight in females constantly gets blown up in the media. Women think just because a supermodel that walks down the runway in clothes they want to buy looks like a twig, they need to lose weight. This situation leads to women doing irrational things to their body, such as vomiting after eating. Women also want to impress their husbands, but truly their husbands do not care if they look like celebrities. The cartoonist wants his audience to understand that its almost a joke that society does that to women and it should not be the case....
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