Do you know the principle of the formation of

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Unformatted text preview: s cut DNA and generate blunt ends or sticky ends? Do you know the principle of the formation of recombinant DNA molecules? • What are the molecules that are used in the generation of recombinant DNA? • What are the enzymes that are necessary for the cleavage of chromosomal DNA and plasmid DNA? • How can DNA fragments be attached to a plasmid vector? • Can you explain what is PCR (polymerase chain reaction)? • Do you need any special equipment for PCR? • Do you need to use specific primers to amplify a gene of your interest? Do you need a DNA template in PCR? • Do you need to use a special heat-resistant DNA polymerase in PCR? What is the name of the bacteria from which DNA polymerase is isolated for use in PCR? • What are the steps in PCR, What are temperatures used for denaturation of DNA, annealing of the primers to the DNA template, and extension of the polymerizing DNA chain? • What is the name of the scientist, who won a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR method? • •...
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