Does the separation of the two circular chromosomal

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Unformatted text preview: • Does the separation of the two circular chromosomal DNA require cutting and recombination of DNA at a location called Holliday junction? • What is a plasmid? Can it replicate autonomously? Can many copies of the same plasmid be found in a single bacterial cell? • Does segregation of plasmids occur in bacteria? Does this process involve actin-like filament? • Does plasmid play a role in the evolution of bacteria, and in the generation of strains with different genotypes and phenotypes, such as antibiotic resistant strains? • How can plasmid be transferred between bacteria? Can plasmids be transferred via conjugation, transduction or transformation? • Can you describe conjugation, transduction and transformation in bacteria? Which process involves bacteriophages, which one involves sex pilus, which one involves a state of competence in bacteria? • • What is a conjugative plasmid? • Can bacteria be transformed by DNA from other bacteria in biofilms? • Can genes be transferre...
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