How was the phenomenon of natural transformation

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Unformatted text preview: d horizontally in bacteria? • How was the phenomenon of natural transformation discovered? Who made the first observation of this phenomenon? • Who demonstrated that genetic material of bacteria is DNA and not proteins? • Can you describe plasmid transfer by conjugation? Does the donor give its plasmid or a copy of its plasmid to the recipient? • Can you describe transduction? What are the differences between generalized transduction and specialized transduction? • • • • • Do you know that temperate phage can integrate into bacterial genome and generate specialized transduction? Do you how is that phage called when it is integrated in the bacterial host genome? Is it called a lysogen? Do you know that the phage that infect a bacterial cell and then causes its lysis is called lytic phage? Do you know that chromosome DNA in prokaryotes contain continuous coding sequence? Are gene sequences in eukaryotes continuous as well? What is the function of restriction endonucleases? Can these enzymes cleave DNA? Can restriction enzyme...
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