so much water to close to home revision

so much water to close to home revision - Carl Crittenden...

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October 28, 2006 Lit 2:00pm So Much Water So Close To Home (Stuart’s P.O.V.) Ever since I was a young boy I have been the type who has loved to fish. Growing up, I fished with my grandfather and my father. Once I was old enough, I would go out fishing with my best friends, Gordon Johnson, Mel Dorn, and Vern Williams. Even after we started our own families, we still planned a fishing trip once a year to our favorite spot along the Naches River. Of course, this was until the incident. We left on a three-day fishing trip to the Naches River. It is a long drive, followed by a hike of several miles to where we wanted to fish. Some people would question our ideals of fishing so far away with so much water so close to home. However, we are not normal fishermen. With as much experience fishing as we have, we have been to all those closer fishing holes and we have found that the Naches River not only gives us the biggest fish, but we also have the most fun there. However, on the night we arrived, we regretted ever going to the Naches River. As soon as we got there, Gordon, Vern, and I started setting up camp. Mel is the type who finds it necessary to explore the area as soon as he arrives, even though he has been to this same spot hundreds of times. He walks over to the river and, before the rest of even begin setting up camp, Mel finds the dead girl. Vern’s first idea is to head out immediately and call the police, but the rest of us were tired from hiking and Vern gives in to the idea of staying put. We could call the cops later since the girl was not going anywhere. We set up camp, built a fire, and drank some whiskey. We drank a lot of whiskey and, when the moon came up, we talked about the dead girl. Vern had the
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so much water to close to home revision - Carl Crittenden...

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