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cover letter - The once a week conference was probably the...

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Carl Crittenden Sister Carey Writing Seminar May 2, 2007 First Year Writing Seminar Portfolio Contents: Major Papers 1. Teammates A personal reflection paper of how I and a few of my lacrosse teammates had a brief connection in a special way. 2. An Additional Chapter to the Novel Paranoia by Joseph Finder A response to a reading paper. I decided to take one of my favorite novels and add an additional chapter to the end. 3. Nintendo Wii over the Competition A persuasion paper where I targeted parents as the audience and used persuasive techniques to convince them to buy the new Nintendo Wii for their children. 4. Mountain Trails A paper giving a sense of place to the reader. I chose a ski resort where I have been going since I was very young. Shorter Papers 1. People in a room watching the game 2. The Keys to Victory 3. Five Different Voices: 4. The Italian Labyrinth 5. Home is ..... 6. A Tribute to Paul Pierce 7. I Remember Assessment: Writing seminar helped me improve my papers a lot. I learned things that no teacher in the past had ever explained to me before.
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Unformatted text preview: The once a week conference was probably the most helpful part of the course, because the instructor could help focus on errors I was making, and not that the majority of the class was making. Overall, I found this course very beneficial. Best Work: I thought my best work for my major papers came from Teammates and An Additional Chapter to the Novel Paranoia by Joseph Finder . I rewrote Teammates so many times until I knew it was a good paper. I also had a real connection to it which helped me bring out some of my best work. An Additional Chapter to the Novel Paranoia by Joseph Finder allowed me to tweak the ending to one of my favorite novels. I had the most fun writing this paper, which I believe helps lead to a very good piece of writing. For the short papers I thought The Keys to Victory and Five Different Voices: were my best pieces. I felt like the reader could really sense my emotions in both of them. I really like how these two turned out....
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