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philosophy midterm paper - Carl Crittenden Date Due:...

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Carl Crittenden Date Due: October 22, 2007 MWF: 11:00am Philosophy Paper: Question 4 In Book VIII of Nicomachean Ethics , Aristotle explains his thoughts on the importance of friendship. He describes three forms of friendship. These three forms are utility, which is friendship based on the benefits the two humans can bring to each other, pleasure, which means the two people are pleasing to each other, and good, which each one enjoys the goodness of the other and they strive to both do good things. Following, his discussion of the three types he friendships, he convinces the reader that “The perfect form of friendship is that between good who are alike in excellence or virtue.” 1 A friendship based on pleasure or utility is accidental and is mostly based on selfishness. A friendship based on goodness has many important qualities that make it the perfect form of friendship. This type of friendship encompasses both other qualities of the other two types of friendship, because a good friendship means that it is beneficial for both friends and they are also pleasing to each other. The special circumstance is that it is a utility and a pleasure for the good. He also says that this friendship takes time to develop. He believes this because if a friendship believed to be based on goodness starts to quickly then neither really knows if the other is good. 2 Aristotle believes that a friendship based on goodness is the only form of true friendship and it can not be between two ethically bad men. He also believes that children can not fit this description and that this friendships, although long lasting, can end due to one person becoming bad, however, we still must acknowledge that he was a friend at one point. With Aristotle’s beliefs said, I agree with him that childhood friends can not be based on goodness, the perfect form of friendship must be between two good people, and if one person in the friendship turns bad we still must acknowledge the friendship, and I will prove in this paper that he is indeed correct. Aristotle makes it clear that this form of friendship takes time to develop.
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philosophy midterm paper - Carl Crittenden Date Due:...

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