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An Introduction to Web Site Development Using Nvu 1 In this exercise you'll learn to create a multi-page web site on the www2 web server using the Nvu software package. Nvu (pronounced 'N View") is an open-source web page editing program. It is available free online at www.nvu.com and it is installed in the main O'Neill computing lab. There are Nvu versions available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, however this document assumes you are using Nvu 1.0 for Windows from the O'Neill lab. In this document you'll learn to format text, create links, and add graphics to a web page. You must use NVu to complete this assignment - part of the purpose of this exercise is to introduce This tutorial will show you how to create a web page, including the link to a separate resume page, that looks like the one at: http://www2.bc.edu/~gallaugh/demo.html If you are new to creating web pages with Nvu, it is highly recommended that you go through this tutorial, however I don't expect your final website to look like the one above. The only requirement is that your assignment's main web page is uploaded and accessible at: http://www2.bc.edu/~userID where userID is your BC userID You should have at least one additional web page that you created that is linked to the page at this location. Get creative! Web page development is fun and your web site should reflect your personality and interests. I and your classmates will use your web site to get to know you, so please include your name, where you grew up, your major/concentration, where you have interned / worked / where you will be working (if you've accepted an offer), and any other information that you would like to share . Since your completed work will be on the server, you do not need to hand in anything for this assignment. Just be sure that I can access your assignment by typing in http://www2.bc.edu/~userID where userID is your BC User ID. Note: The O'Neill lab provides a work partition (D:) where you can temporarily save files. In this assignment you will be dealing with there pieces of software: - Nvu – the Web Authoring System that you will use to build your web site. It is available in the O’Neill labs and is freely available for download at www.nvu.com. - Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or some other browser – used by you and others to view the pages on your web site. You can use whichever browser you like. - WS_FTP or other FTP (file transfer protocol) program. You will eventually need to transfer copies of the files you create and save locally to your account on the www2.bc.edu server so that these files can be accessed over the Internet. This document assumes that you are using WS_FTP as your FTP program. WS_FTP is available in the O’Neill computer lab and is available for student download to home PCs (instructions later in the document).
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nvucreatewebsite06 - An Introduction to Web Site...

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