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Feb 12th - a Jesus’ Jewish ness i 1:1-17 ii 1:18-5:1 iii...

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Matthew: Jesus the Jewish Messiah 1) General Comments on the first three Gospels a) Synoptic Gospels i) Synoptic—syn together optic—seen (seen together) ii) Maverick Gospel (john) the most different gospel b) Interrelationship of the synoptic Gospels i) Four sources (1) Mark (one of the main sources for matthew; and luke) (2) Q (Quelle)-“source” (3) M+L c) Authorship i) Authorship-unknown ii) Date 80-85 C.E. 2) Matthew compared w/ Mark a) Similarities b) Different Emphasis i) Jesus’ Jewish ness ii) Jesus’ Emphasis on Judaism iii) Opposition to the Jewish leaders 3) Matthew’s Emphasizes
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Unformatted text preview: a) Jesus’ Jewish ness i) 1:1-17 ii) 1:18-5:1 iii) Parallel to Pentateuch/ Torah (1) Chapters 5-7 (2) Chapters 10 (3) Chapters 13 (4) Chapters 18 (5) Chapters 24-25 4) Events fulfill scripture a) Matthew 1:23; Isa 7 b) Matthew 2:5,6; Mic 5:2 c) True Judaism i) 5:21-end (Antithesis) ii) 5:17-20; 22:35-40 d) Opposition to Jewish Leaders i) Matthew 23 e) Anti-Jewish? i) Matthew 27:25 ii) The leaders! 5) Conclusion a) Many similarities between Matthew and Mark b) But in Matthew stresses on Jewish ness of Jesus...
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