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John: Jesus the Divine Messiah (Alpha-Omega) 1) General comments a) Each gospel has the different emphasis b) John is the most different Gospel (in context) c) Authorship date (John son of Zebedee-apprentice0 i) 90-95A.D 2) a) Things that are not found in John i) Narrative of Jesus’ birth ii) Baptism iii) Temptation in wilderness iv) No talk of the coming kingdom v) No parables vi) No casting out the demons vii) No transfiguration viii) No lords supper ix) No prayer in the Garden b) Things that John contains i) John 2:1-12; 11:1-49 ii) John 3:3 “I am” iii) Other unique things (1) When Jesus died (12:00 noon before the Passover) (2) Perspective of John-see things from the past because they have already
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Unformatted text preview: been written 3)--a) Matthew 4:5-7; 12:39 b) John 2:11; 4:54 i) 20:30-31 ii) 4:48 4) The difference between the kingdom God in the gospel of John versus all other gospels a) There is no talk about the coming of the kingdom of God “heaven” b) Jesus never proclaims the kingdom of heaven i) No parables-which talk about the kingdom of heaven ii) Jesus teaches about his identity (son of God) 5) Teaching and miracles are linked in the gospel of john a) John 6, 9, 11 b) John 1:1-14; 14:8-14; 10:10; 20:28 6) Conclusion a) Each of the gospels are different b) John emphases the divinity of Jesus Christ (or identity)...
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