Jan 15th - Jan 15th The 27 Book's of the Bible 1. Approach...

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Jan 15 th The 27 Book’s of the Bible 1. Approach a. Cultural-its hard to not hear script. In Shakespeare, artists, presidents 1. Foundational document- songs, books all have scriptural references (scripture has impacted our society weather rightly or wrongly deciphered) 2. Church-powerful and very spiritual and at the center is the Bible and the New Testament is the central book. b. Denominational 1. You would go to your church that you are “ok” with and believe and trust. 2. The meaning of the New Testament is not self-evident (why there are so many different meanings it all the same text but people interpret it differently) c. Historical-evidence for interpret ring is in the history 1. Try to suspend our denomination interpretations just look at the history a. Understand how the 27 books came to be how they came into existence. b. Who wrote them and why? c. Attempt to understand what the original books mean from the evidence and the sources c.What does it mean to how I live? How does it apply to my Christian life? II. Background a. 27 Books of the Bible b. Original Language –Greek is the original composed language c. When was it written? Earliest 50 latest 120. d. Other books were written but were not included in the final version of the New Testament e. Authorship- who wrote these books? Some books who have Paul’s name wasn’t wrote by Paul (Pennames) anonymous writing someone writes the
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Jan 15th - Jan 15th The 27 Book's of the Bible 1. Approach...

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