Awakening - 1. At one point Edna says to Mme Ratignolle,...

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1. At one point Edna says to Mme Ratignolle, "I would give up the unessential; I would give up my money, I would give up my life for my children; but I wouldn't give up myself." What does she mean? Is Edna confused and self-contradictory (how could one give up one's life without giving up oneself)? Or does she have in mind an idea of self that is distinguishable from one's life? At the end of the novel does Edna fulfill the claim she has made in those words? Quotes about: - She is talking about her personal enjoyment and fullfllment in life and the process of being woken up and alive, she would not trade that. - She could give up her life and dedicate it to her kids but if she felt no joy and she felt like she was not alive she would be giving up herself, which she is not willing to do - Her idea of “self “ is much different, she believes self as her soul and how she is at peace with herself and her personal joy in life. - Yes there is no way that she can live with her children and husband and not give up herself (her joy and happiness). So she ends it. It is appropriate that  The Awakening,  which is essentially a novel  about the social constraints of women in the Victorian era, opens with  the shrieking complaint of a constrained parrot: “Go away! Go away!  For God’s sake.” These words, the first in  The Awakening,  immediately  hint at the tragic nature of the novel, as the bird echoes the phrases of  rejection and rebuff that it has heard time and again. Although  Madame Lebrun’s parrot speaks English, French, and “a little 
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Awakening - 1. At one point Edna says to Mme Ratignolle,...

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