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Acts Outline 1) Introduction 1:1-26 a) Apostles are anxious for the end 1:6-7 b) The Apostles’ mission 1:8 (to be witnesses) i) Jerusalem ii) Judea and Samaria iii) Ends of the earth c) The two gate keepers 1:9-11 2) The restoration of the twelve 1:12-2 3) From Jerusalem to Rome a) Jerusalem 2:1-7:60 b) Peter’s first sermon and its results 2:1-13 (cf. Gen 11:1-9) c) Peter heals a lame man 3:1-10; and preaches second sermon 3:11-26 d) Peter and John are arrested then released 4:1-31 e)
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Unformatted text preview: The sharing of goods and Ananias’ and Sapphira’s deceit 4:32-5:11 f) Second arrest of the apostles 5:12-42 g) Choice of seven deacons 6:1-7 h) Preaching and martyrdom of Stephen the Deacon 6:8-7:60 4) Judea and Samaria 8:1-12:25 (While Saul is ravaging the Church, the gospel is spreading to Samaria and the seacoast 8:1-40) a) Saul’s persecution 8:1-3 b) Philip preaches in Samaria 8:4-8 and meets Simon, who is baptized 8:9-13 c)...
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