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Paul: 1 st nd Thessalonians 1) Paul’s Missionary work a) Where he worked b) What he preached 2) General info on 1 st and 2 nd Thess. a) Authorship-Paul b) Date 49-50Ad c) Thessalonica (Macedonia) Modern day salonika d) Corinth the letter was written e) Recipients of the letters same Jews, but mostly gentiles 3) Situation of the church a) Acts 17:1-10 (foundry of the church) (2 nd missionary) b) Membership- Jews gentiles c) Paul’s pastoral approach i) Visit in person
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Unformatted text preview: ii) Send a delegate (timothy ex) iii) Send a letter (1) Opening formula (2) Thanksgiving (3) The body of the letter (4) Concluding formula d) 2 nd Thess. 2:15 4) Paul’s concern for Thessalonians a) Paul’s concern “edification” hope b) Salvation 5) Stages of Thessalonian crisis a) Lack of hope b) 1 st Thessalonians c) Misunderstood the letter d) 2 nd Thessalonians...
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