Mar. 11th - go to synagogue regularly(cf 2:46 See Jeremias...

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The Four Pillars of the Church’s Life/ The four Aspects of the Canonical Context I call it the canonical context because 1. The Scriptures were canonized by those within this context 2. The canon was interpreted within this context and had its meaning only within this context Catechumenate: Karygma (public proclamation of the Gospel) Faith, repentance, Confession, Baptism, and continuing in the Four aspects of the Churches life. Acts 2:42 “they devoted themselves…” (Jeremias, p. 118)”to attend worship regularly,”
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Unformatted text preview: go to synagogue regularly. (cf. 2:46) See Jeremias p. 118 The Eucharistic Words of Jesus The Four Aspects/Pillars of the Church 1) The Apostles’ Teaching a) The OT as interpreted by Jesus and presented by the Apostles b) The unique oral teaching of Jesus as presented by the Apostles 2) The Fellowship: “communion” binds together in community which consists in- = fellowship, a close mutual relationship; participation, sharing in; partnership, communion...
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