42 ans a 4 is obviously false the rest are all true

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Unformatted text preview: O2 affinity – see notes!. 42. ANS = A 4 is obviously false, the rest are all true. 43. ANS = D Only D is corret. 1. is F b/c fetal Hb binds O2 more tightly than maternal Hb; 2 is F b/c BPG binds T state (no cavity in R state); 3 is F b/c it is a heterotropic allosteric inhibitor ofHb. 44. ANS = C This is the mutation that causes Sickle Cell Hb. 45. ANS = C pH = -log [H+] -log 4 x 10-8 = 7.4. 46. The question is: A student in CHE/BIO 4341 was asked to label the main residues in the active site of a hemoglobin (Hb) molecule that can bind O2 a...
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