Ans a 15 ans d 16 ans b 17 ans b 18 ans e 19

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Unformatted text preview: s = D 14. Ans = A 15. Ans = D 16. Ans = B 17. Ans = B 18. Ans = e 19. Ans = E 20. Ans = e 21. Ans = B 22. Ans = E: Indicate which of the following are true of Hemoglobin: I. The Bohr effect results in lower [NO higher] affinity for O2 at high pH False II. The O2 affinity for Hb increases with increasing PO2 True III. Fetal Hb is identical in structure to maternal Hb False = HbF has a α2γ2 subunits structure whereas adult (the mothers) Hb has a α2β2 subunit structure IV. Myoglobin and Hemoglobin have similar 3o...
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